Shadow Over Nentir Vale

The Letter

You received a letter. It’s written on brittle parchment. Whoever wrote it seemed to be in a hurry.

Dear Heroes,
I’m not sure if this will reach all of you but I must try. I come to you with an urgent message. An unknown darkness looms within the land of Nentir Vale. Its inhabitants, mostly farmers and homesteaders, are falling prey to an increasing number of monsters and ruthless bandits. With the fall of the Nerath Empire the guards that once patrolled the roads and villages have returned to their home country by order of King Daleron II. Some would call this a blessing. Daleron’s soldiers, while just, enforced the law with unwavering discipline and efficiency. There was no mercy even for the smallest of crimes. Indeed the king’s soldiers and influence may be gone… but at what cost?

I beg of you, take to arms and bring peace back to these lands. The darkness grows strong with each passing day and I know not how long I can keep it suppressed.
Will you help?

A Friend

Who sent this?


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